Once you've collected 30 planets, head to the Hangar page and tap on the Aliens tab. Aliens come from planets across the Walkr galaxy but for various reasons have lost their way in space and time. They each long for nothing more than to return to their unique home planet, and now you can help them!

First, use the Walkr Teleporter to invite an alien to your Walkr galaxy. Once they make their first stop on Earth, you'll be able to help them set off on their journey home.

Once they make it back to their home planet, they'll help you by increasing your population as a token of their appreciation!

How to invite aliens to your galaxy:

  1. Go to Walkr > Menu > Hangar > Aliens. There you'll see the Walkr Teleporter.
  2. Fully charge the teleporter's battery (50 units).
  3. Once you've accumulated a full 50 units of battery power, you'll be able to use the teleporter to invite an alien visitor!

How can I charge the teleporter?

There are two ways to accumulate battery power for the Walkr Teleporter:

  1. Finish Workout Challenge: Follow the alien coach to complete daily exercises. Each exercise will charge 1 unit of battery. A total of 4 exercises are available per day!
  2. Use energy cubes: 50 energy cubes will charge 1 unit of battery in the teleporter.

What are the aliens for? What can they do?

After you invite an alien to visit Earth, you'll need to help send them off on the Galaxy Travel back to their home planet. Along the way, the alien will help increase your galaxy's population as a token of their appreciation!