Labs help captains throughout the galaxy speed up the development of their planets. A successful lab depends on the support of all kinds of captains working together to help each other out! Descriptions of the 4 roles and their respective capabilities are as follows:

1. Lab Captain
- Can promote Crew Members to Vice-Captain
- Can promote Rookies to Vice-Captain
- Can promote Vice-Captain to Captain (There can only be one Captain, in this case the two roles would switch)
- Can demote Vice-Captain to Member
- Can dismiss Vice-Captain, Members, and Rookies from the lab

2. Vice-Captain
- Can dismiss Members and Rookies from the lab
- Can promote Members and Rookies to Vice-Captain

*If the Captain leaves the lab, the system will automatically promote whichever Vice-Captain has donated the most energy to the lab. If you would like to specifically designate a Vice-Captain as second in command, please go to: "I'm Captain, but I'd like to transfer my role to another Member. What can I do?"

3. Member
- No special abilities! However, you serve a crucial role as an energy contributor. If you'd like to play a bigger role in the management of your lab, be sure to do your best! That way the Captain or Vice-Captain will promote you to Vice-Captain!

4. Rookie
- When you first join a lab, contribute 5,000 in energy and you'll automatically be promoted from Rookie to Member! (Rookies are Members who have yet to contribute at least 5,000 in energy)