If it has been a long time since the last time your Lab's Captain logged in and nobody is there to manage the lab, you may wish to do something to be able to manage the lab. (For example, if you wish to kick out an inactive Member from the lab.) Please view the following options:

Situation A: Your lab already has a Vice-Captain

You can ask your Vice-Captain to act as Captain.

Situation B: Your lab does not have a Vice-Captain (and only has one Captain)

In this case, since only the Captain has the power to kick members out of the group or promote Members to Vice-Captain, we suggest the following:

  1. Active lab members may leave the lab to create their own new lab
  2. In the new lab, remind the new Captain to promote another member to Vice-Captain
  3. This way, in the future if the Captain stops playing without leaving the lab, there will still be a Vice-Captain who is able to manage the lab.

*Reminder: If you leave a lab (without being kicked out by the Captain)

  1. Any energy donated by other members to current research on your planets will disappear
  2. Records of energy donated to others will also disappear