A number of Asteroids are out there in the vast universe orbiting between planets. The Asteroid Belts are formed by these asteroids, and they produce coins on their own -- no feeding needed! These Asteroids are not only wonderful teammates of the Captains, but also beautiful and delicate designs from the Space Team. For those bold and explorative captains out there, you are welcomed to find out more!

To unlock the Asteroid Belt and how to get them

Once the Captain has explored more than 10 planets (earth not included), Asteroid Belt wll be unlocked. Each Asteroid Belt will include 3 theme Asteroids and 1 special edition Asteroid. Each Captain will receive a free Classic Asteroid Belt after unlocking, and will be able to purchase Asteroid Belts of The Month in Walkr Shop or Asteroid page.

View My Asteroid Belts
Click to open List on the bottom right of the main screen. Select "Asteroids" to view your Asteroid Belts.