Hey there, Mayor! Are you ready to take the next step in tracking your finances and figure out the reasons behind changes in your spending? If so, you can use the steps below to manage your spending reports:
1. Add Categories

(1) Go to Trends > Tap the + icon
(2) Select one or more categories
(3) Tap the ✓ icon to confirm the new report
2. Add Transaction Reports (for subscribers only)
(1) Go to Trends > Tap the + icon
(2) Switch to the Transactions tab > Enter or select a transaction
(3) Tap the ✓ to confirm the new report
3. Delete Category / Transaction Reports
(1) Tap Delete a Report
(2) Tap the “thumbtack” icon in the upper righthand corner
Note: It is not possible to delete the All Categories report
Now that you know how to add and delete reports, are you still unsure about which expenses you should be following? Don’t worry! After you subscribe, Sir Fox 🦊 will automatically help you find the expenses that have shown the largest fluctuations over the last month.  You can then follow his suggestions on which categories and transactions to follow for your reports!

Finally, since some of the functions in the Trends section are for subscribers only, if you’d like to use them you can head to the Chief Financial Officer 2.0, Subscription Discounts page to learn more about pricing and special rewards, or tap 14 Day Free Trial to begin using this service!