This lesson will briefly introduce handy tips for using the expense tracker, including how to record income, manage categories, and what to do on day you have nothing new to record. (Read time: 9 mins)

A. To record your income and keep track of your paychecks, you can follow the steps below:

Tap + New Record > find the income category (gold piggy bank icon) to record your income. You can use the tags to note whether the amount represents your regular salary, a bonus, etc. for even more detailed records!

If you would like to keep track of a specific income source (for example, income from investments) please see this FAQ to learn more!

B. If you'd like to delete a custom category in the expense tracker, you can follow the steps below:

Go to Settings > tap Categories > tap the category you wish to delete > then tap the trashcan icon in the top right

Note1: You cannot delete any of the original categories that come pre-set.

C: On days that you have no income or expenses to track, how can you still create records for achievements?

On days you don't have anything to record, you can still open Fortune City and go to your accounting sheet by pulling up on the expense tracker on the main page, then tap No Expenses to maintain your streak and get achievements!

Note2: So long as you return to record "No Expenses" within 6 days, you will be able to count the day towards your continuous tracking achievements.

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