This lesson will briefly introduce tips and tricks for managing buildings in the app, including how to build more buildings, get special buildings or public spaces, and merge buildings. (Read time: 7 mins)

A: Tips for increasing your total number of buildings

When you first start constructing your city, you'll be limited to 5 buildings per day. Even if you track more than 5 expenses in a day, you will not be able to construct more than 5 buildings per day. However, by upgrading the Builder's Hub you'll be able to increase this number! Please note, updating records on previous days will not affect the number of buildings you can construct on the current day, and records you add for days past will not construct new buildings in the app. If at the end of the day you have no income or expenses to track, any remaining buildings will become public spaces (parks) the following day. It is not possible to save up builders or buildings to surpass your daily construction limit.

Note: If you'd like to increase the number of buildings you can create, go to Shop > Builders to upgrade the Builders Hub!

B: How to get special buildings and public spaces

The special buildings and public spaces in Fortune City cannot be constructed via the expense tracker. To get these special buildings, you must open up the app daily for at least 7 days in a row. On the 7th day you'll get a special building in your city, and public parks appear in your city after days in which you have tracked less than 5 records! So, for example, with a building limit of 5 per day, if today you only track 3 expenses, those 3 items will become buildings in your city, while the remaining two will become public spaces (parks) the next day you use the app!

Go Further: If you are unable to merge two buildings, please consider the following possibility:

Once your buildings surpass Lv.4, you will sometimes be given a choice in the kind of building you can construct. If you don't swipe left to select the building you wish to merge you will be unable to merge the building! (see image)

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