This lesson will briefly introduce some tips for managing the city using gold coins and diamonds (Read time: 6 mins).

A. Wondering why you find your coins haven't been increasing? Here are some of thee reasons:

1. When a time clock icon appears above a building, this means your citizens have finished producing coins. In this case, you must tap the time clock to collect the coins and continue production.

2. You haven't assign your citizens to any jobs. For more information, please see this lesson on citizen management.

3. You haven't upgraded your Finance Level at City Hall and have reached the max coin storage capacity at its current level. In this case, the coins you earn from special rewards (e.g., daily log in reward) or citizens jobs won't count towards your city's coins.

B: What ways are there to obtain diamonds? (Functions)

Diamonds can help you recruit new citizens, unlock new themes for the city (go to Menu > Shop to see all the available themes) and merge buildings of different levels. You can obtain diamonds in the following ways:

1. Get them each day when you first open the app
2. Get them by accomplishing missions throughout the city
3. Tap and view free ads (8 per day)
4. Buy them in the Shop
5. Our fanpage occasionally has promotions through which you can obtain diamonds. Follow our page to keep up to date!

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