This lesson will provide you with some quick tips for managing your citizens, including their interests, jobs, and how to expel them from the city. (Read time: 8 mins)

A: Citizen Interest Values (Also: what do the citizen smileys mean?)

At the bottom of each citizen's description you'll find a number of values indicating their interests in various categories. The higher the value, the happier they'll be with a job in that kind of building. Assign the citizen to work in a building of that category and you're sure to make them happy and earn the highest number of coins possible! Assign your citizen to a job matching an interest value of 8 or more for the biggest, brightest smiley!

B: How can I assign jobs or kick out my citizens?
Assign jobs to your citizens using either of the methods below:

1. Tap the citizen (with a briefcase over their head) > Tap Assign Job
2. Tap Menu > Citizens > Tap a citizen in the No Work section > Tap Assign Job

Even if your citizen already has a job, you can still assign them to a different one. Find them by going to the building where they work and tapping "i", or going to the Citizens page in the menu. Then tap Change Job to assign them to a new building to work!

C. If you decide you'd like to expel any of your citizens, you can follow the steps below:
1. Find and tap on the citizen (on the main page or the Citizens page in the menu)
2. Tap the trashcan icon next to their name to expel them

Note: If your citizen has a job, you must first hit the Quit Job icon next to their name before you can expel them from the city!

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