This lesson will briefly introduce tips and tricks for completing missions within the app, including those in the City Management Guide. (Read time: 5 mins)

Unsure how to complete a mission involving the City Management Guide? (see image below) Just follow the steps below:

1. Tap "Help" to accept the mission
2. Search for the person or item in question in the streets of your city
3. Tap the thing you were asked to look for to complete the mission!

As for other missions, there are different ways to complete them:

A. General Missions
For this type of mission, you'll be asked to find something in the city (a building or citizen). For example, to complete the mission below (see image) go into the city to find the building and tap it to receive your reward!

B. Specific Missions

These kinds of missions are a bit more challenging, since you'll need to find the exact item, vehicle, or citizen being asked for in the mission. For example, for the mission below (see image), you should search your city for this citizen and tap them to complete your mission!

Note: Please remember to tap the Help button to begin any mission!

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