Congratulations on completing the crash course, Mayor! Are you ready to test your preparedness for the job and get started managing your city? Try out the questions below!

Question 1: If you decide you don't particularly like one of your citizens, how can you get rid of them?
A. Write a letter to Cashy and ask him to deal with it
B. Tap on the citizen > Tap the trash can icon next to their name to expel them from the city

Question 2: How can you record a lack of expenses?
A. Pull up on the accounting sheet and tap "No Expenses"
B. The day after you had no expenses, swipe right then up on the accounting sheet, then tap "No Expenses"
C. All of the above

Question 3: What's a possible reason you can't merge your buildings?
A. A building has already reached its highest level
B. You haven't selected the buildings you wish to merge
C. All of the above

Question 4: How can you assign jobs to citizens?
A. Tap the citizen (with a briefcase above their head) > Tap Assign Job
B. Go to the Menu > Citizens then tap a citizen in the "No work" section > Tap Assign Job
C. All of the above

Question 5: How can you delete a custom category you've created?
A. Shake your phone to erase it off your accounting list
B. Go to Settings > Categories > Select the category you wish to delete and tap the trash can icon to delete it

Question 6: How can you record your income?

A. Ask your citizens to bring your paycheck into the city with them whenever it hits your bank account
B. Tap + New Record > tap the gold piggy bank Income category to record your income amount

Question 7: How can you get special buildings?

A. Add a "Special" category and use it to track expenses
B. Open the app every day consecutively and get them with your daily reward

Question 8: If you find your gold coins have not been increasing recently, what could be the reason?

A. You forgot to hit the time clock icons above your buildings
B. You forgot to assign your citizens to jobs
C. You forgot to upgrade your City Hall Finance Level and have reached your city's max coin storage capacity

Question 9: When you tap on a citizen, what do the different numbers at the bottom of their description mean?

A. The higher the number, the better suited they are to work in that category of building and the more coins they'll earn!
B. The higher the number, the more they'll hate working in that category of building, and the more likely your citizens will strike!

Question 10: How many ways are there to obtain diamonds?

A. 5
B. 1
C. 2020

The answers are: B,C,C,C,B,B,B,D (all of the above! you've got to think outside of the box!),A,A Did you get them all correct? If you have any questions about any of the topics above, we suggest you review the relevant FAQ lessons below to refresh your memory!

Questions 1 & 4 & 9: Citizens
Questions 2 & 5 & 6: Expense Tracker
Question 3 & 7: Buildings
Question 8 & 10: Gold Coins and Diamonds